Dan Helmer - Director of Community Relations

Dan was the inspiration for the association. He is the Co-Owner of Moody Ales and wanted to give back to the community that has supported him. He personally organized a festival in April of 2015 which was a success, one of the volunteers at the event (now our Director of Events) thought it was a great stepping stone to a bigger vision to which Dan agreed. With that the Tri-Cities Cask Festival Association was born. Dan has played a critical role in this project getting off the ground and to the stage it is now. Dan is a huge supporter of the craft beer scene in the Tri-Cities and his passion shows in our association. danh@tricitiescaskfestival.com

Michael Druce - Director of Events

Michael Druce has his toes dipped in all areas of the craft beer scene in the TriCities. Along with this position he is the General Manager at Beyond The Grape On-Premise Winemaking & Home Brewing Supplies in Port Moody and is one of the original members of the TriCities Brew Club. With his past back ground in the hospitality industry, it is no surprise to find him as a member of this group. If he isn't working on one of those areas, he is likely doing work as his strata's president or spending time with his wife, son and twin daughters. michael@tricitiescaskfestival.com

Dan Parent - Director of Administration

Dan Parent has been an avid brewer and winemaker going back to his days as a poor student studying Biochemistry at UBC, almost 30 years ago.  His passion for brewing and wine-making pairs well with his passion for cooking and/or all things food and drink related. danp@tricitiescaskfestival.com

Warren Boyer -Director of Cask Facilitation

Award winning homebrewer with 18 years brewing experience. Home-brewing educator. Certified BJCP judge. Past president of Camra Vancouver. Past executive with Camra BC. Recipe developer and wort producer at Foamers' Folly Brewing. Executive with the Fraser Valley Fermentalists brew club. What's Brewing Magazine's Home-brewing Columnist . warren@tricitiescaskfestival.com

Tim Vandergrift - Director of Communications

Tim Vandergrift has been prominent in the beverage industry for three decades. Now a consultant (timvandergrift.com), he's an award-winning home-brewer and a certified BJCP judge who works to share his love of all things beer to interested drinkers. When he's not busy with that, he makes wine. tim@tricitiescaskfestival.com

James Nayoski - Director of Logistics

New to brewing, but James Nayoski is no stranger to good beer. He has been brewing since early 2015, but been an avid supporter of the Metro Vancouver craft beer scene for close to a decade. Now faced with the opportunity to promote and expand the local community he is well among his element. james@tricitiescaskfestival.com

Steve Thomas - Director of Marketing

Steve like beer. Steve make beer. Steve promote beer. Mmmmmmm, let's drink beer together. steve@tricitiescaskfestival.com

Aaron Summer - Director of Finance

Aaron Summer was first introduced to craft beer in 2014. Inspired and amazed by the creativity of local breweries, he was determined to help promote awareness and advocate the value of craft beer in the modern market. A new comer to the home brew scene, he enjoys spending the weekends experimenting with malted grains, hops and adjuncts. aaron@tricitiescaskfestival.com